Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Scavenger Lander Deployment, Lurefjorden, Norway

The scavenger lander was deployed in Lurefjorden today at 11:00 and reached the seafloor at 441m 15 minutes later.

A fresh Periphylla. periphylla was caught in la arge drop fishing net just before the deployment to set as bait on the lander.
The completed scavenger lander ready for loading onto Solvik

Lander being loaded onto Solvik 
Preparing the drop net to collect jellies to bait the scavenger lander 
Preparing to leave Seim in the morning
Sailing into Lurefjorden 
Solvik departing to disable the sediment trap release in Lurefjorden on Monday evening 
The scavenger bait plate is deployed with a single jelly

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