Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Boxcoring, Handangerfjorden.


This time the JellyFarm team were on there way to Hadangerfjorden collecting box cores at 380 m onboard the RV Solvik. 

Morning in Hadangerfjorden
Multicores were collected from the boxcores to set up an experiment in the laboratory at IRIS to examine the effect of jelly-fall decompostion on sediment ammonium and sulphate levels.  This ties into Workpackage 5 to study scavenging processes at jelly-falls.  This experiment will enable us to determin if toxic levels of ammounium and sulphates produced by jelly-fall decomposition may deter scavengers from removing jelly-falls.

This trip to Hadangerfjorden allowed us to try out some of the improvements to the design that Captain Leon had made to the boxcore. 

Bringing the boxcorer on deck

Hoping for a good boxcore

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