Friday, 22 January 2016

Scavenger Lander Assembly, Askøy, Norway.

At Askøy today the deep-sea time lapse stills camera (rated to 6000 m) from Ocean Imaging was attached to the lander frame using a heavy duty clamp.  The camera is orientated looking straight down at the bait plate as this will enable us to measure the length of animals feeding on the jellyfalls.  The size of scavengers will affect their metabolism which is important for understanding the role of scavengers feeding on jellyfalls in the carbon food web.
Camera clamp

 Strope lights are attached either side of the camera and will flash everytime the camera takes an image.

Cutting steel wire for the bait plate
The bait plate is attached using a flexible wires so that it will move up onto the seafloor surface when the lander sinks into the muddy layer on the fjord floor.

Planning for next weeks cruise

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