Sunday, 2 August 2015

Yo-yo camera work in Lurefjorden

Today the final adjustments of the yo-yo camera frame were made, including installing the camera and flash, which are triggered automatically when the weight reaches the bottom of the fjord. High resolution images of the deep sea can be gathered this way, using the winch aboard the MS Solvik to systematically take photos along a randomly selected linear transect. Using the yo-yo camera system, any Periphylla that have perished and sunk to the sea floor - also referred to as jelly falls - can be tracked, giving an indication of the extent of jelly falls within the fjord as a whole. 

Andrew Sweetman making final adjustments to the yo-yo frame. 

Yo-yo frame aboard MS Solvik, which is mounted with a Nikon camera, and Ocean Imaging Systems protective housing, which can protect the camera up to 6000 m deep. 

Lowering the yo-yo frame into the water.

Mapping the yo-yo frame being raised and lowered along the 0.5 km transect. Here the frame was lowered 50 times every 10 metres. 
The netting from the yo-yo frame also doubles as a sample net for collecting Periphylla. Pictured: Graihagh Hardinge and Andrew Sweetman

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