Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Imaging the sea floor

Lurefjorden was photographed in two sites in Lurefjorden; a deep site (440 m), and a shallow site (200 m). Both were along linear transects, with image intervals of 10 m.

The deep site recorded a number of jelly falls, which will be analysed in greater detail post-cruise. The shallow site recorded an array of deep-sea fauna but no jelly falls; despite a number of Periphylla being caught in the net when the yo-yo frame was surfaced. 

Yo-yo camera frame with two Periphylla caught in the net. Depth approx. 200 m. 
The high-resolution images captured by the Nikon camera mounted in an Ocean Imaging Systems housing unit can provide a habitat map of the sea floor, as well as providing an indication of the extent of jelly detritus transferred to the benthos. 
Yo-yo camera image of a Periphylla jellyfish being consumed by an anemone. Depth 440 m. 
Yo-yo camera image, depth approx. 200 m. Laser dots allow for size referencing.
Yo-yo camera image, depth approx. 200 m. 

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