Saturday, 1 August 2015

Sediment coring in Lurefjorden

Sediment coring took place in Lurefjorden to determine how a jelly-dominated ecosystem can influence the foraminifera composition within the fjord. Comparisons will be drawn between Lurefjorden, where the jellies are, and Masfjorden, a fjord with no Periphylla. Cores were taken today from 3 different sites in Lurefjorden, at depths of 444 m, 350 m and 200 m. 

Selecting sample locations, using equipment on-board the MS Solvik
Elisabeth Alve hosing down the sediment corer.
Magnhild Torper and Silvia Hess with a sample taken from 444 m deep.  
Selecting 1 cm sections of the core, to be analysed post-cruise for composition changes with depth. From this, it can be possible to determine the sediment accumulation rate of the fjord, which has not previously been explored. Pictured: Magnhild Torper, Silvia Hess and Elisabeth Alve. 

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