Monday, 13 June 2016

Jellyfish Bloom Symposium

The 5th International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium was held at Barcelona aquarium this June.  Andrew Sweetman, Kathy Dunlop and Paul Renaud chaired a session on `Post-bloom impacts on the marine environment´.
Some of the first results from the JellyFarm Project were presented in the oral presentations:

Paul Renaud, Kathy Dunlop and Andrew Sweetman at Barcelona Aquarium for the Jellyfish Bloom Symposium.
Andrew Sweetman:  Jellyfish decomposition at the seafloor can rapidly alter biogeochemical cycling and substantially modify carbon flow through benthic food-webs.

Kathy Dunlop:  Experimental flume studies into the modification of benthic booundary layer flow by jellyfall carcasses.

A poster was presented on describing the JellyFarm Project by Paul.  

Kathy also presented a poster on the deepest salp fall recorded during a cruise on the RV Sonne in Equatorial Pacific.  This work describes how the troughs created by experimental deep-sea mining were concentrating carbon input to the abyss from salp falls.  

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