Monday, 13 June 2016

13th June. Deployment 1

The first deployment of the cruise was made to 1250 m in Sognefjorden.  The lander was baited with 2 dead Periphylla jellyfish and we are interested to learn which scavangers will feed on the jellyfall and especially how the feeding dynamics of scavengers will change with depth.  There is more food available at shallower depths so we hypothesise that more scavengers will eat jellyfalls at deeper depths where other food is scarce.

Baiting the lander with dead Periphylla 
In Lurefjorden, January 2016, we found that low oxygen was likely to be reducing scavenging rates on jellyfalls.  Therefore, the scavenger lander bait plate was modified to hold oxygen optodes to measure oxygen in relation to distance from the jellyfish.  

Lander ready to be deployed. 

Future deployment sites were surveyed using a sonar and CTD. 

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