Thursday, 8 June 2017

Looking back at the lab experiment performed at IRIS (Stavanger) in September 2016, looking forward to work with this team on the next experiment in September 2017

WP2: Quantifying interactions between  aquaculture and jelly-falls on organic matter cycling in fjord sediments. 

Sediments collected in Hardanger fjord at two different depths, in the vicinity and at a distance from a fish farm were collected and incubated in the lab at IRIS.

Periphylla periphylla being thawed, weighed and cut before addition to the sediment cores.

Sediment cores incubated in the lab. Andrew Sweetman adding 13C labelled algae before the addition of P. periphylla.

 Andrew Sweetman measuring oxygen profiles in the sediment of experimental cores.

Slicing, measuring, mixing, subsampling and sieving sediments at the end of the experiment.

Team work at its best!

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