Saturday, 7 November 2015

Retrieval of the Masfjorden Sediment Trap

Tuesday 5th November 2015 

The Masfjorden sediment trap was initially located using the echo-sounder and a ROV from ROVas was deployed to help retrieve the sediment trap.

The sediment trap floats were visible in the echo-sounder.

ROVas vessel equip with ROV 

Leon made a hook and line for the ROV to secure the sediment trap.  The ROV would attached it using the manipulator arm.  Once attached the sediment trap could be lifted using Solvik´s winch.

Discussing the retrieval plan 

The sediment trap was successfully retrieved and was ready to be serviced for redeployment. 

Andrew waiting for the Masfjorden sediment trap to be lifted by the winch.  

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